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Welcome to Kenoliste Cups



I'm Stephanie

I am a young entrepreneur who loves to create. I created this business to share my craft and talents with people. I take pride in the products I create. Everything is handmade, with a little bit of love in each package.


I started to create and make tumblers during the year 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic broke out and I needed something to entertain me indoors. Ever since I was little, I have loved to create and design. Whether it be painting, sewing, drawing, etc. My passion for cup-making began when my mentor Hillary Manerio (@craft.aholic.84) took me under her wing and taught me everything she knew about cup-making. I instantly fell in love with it. We worked together on projects until I gained enough knowledge to be on my own. I got the materials and supplies that I needed to make my cups! At first, cup making was a hobby for me, I stayed up late nights looking on Pinterest for new ideas to execute. I would give my cups away to friends and family; it wasn't until my mom took her tumbler to work and her coworkers started to ask her where she got it from, that I knew I was about to dive into something deep. My mom has tremendously help me with getting my business off the ground. She would take orders from her friends and coworkers for me. Once orders started coming in, I knew I could make a business out of my passion. People loved my products and have given me great feedback for improvement. I now have gained enough support to spread my craft with the world!

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